Friday, July 31, 2009

In the land of the Arabian Sun

hello dear family and blog readers, so `i am in my 3rd destination stop on my trip. And yes, that stop just happens to be in the grand old arab emirates, Dubai to be exact and it is the sun that they live on for sure! my flight was great `i sat by a nice lady from Sweden, Carolee `i told her about how you lived there and why. she new exactly what `i was talking about. :) she teaches the equivilent of jr. high in sweden and she loves it. she said she was thinking of inviting different people of different faiths to talk about their religion and beliefs. It was so nice talking to her she has two daughters and her name is Helena. I told her about the Book of Mormon and shared with her Moroni's Promise.

Today I went to Church in Dubai and yes it is Friday here in Dubai. Since because of the majority of Muslim population and islamic Sabath is Friday, here in the gulf the church meets on Fridays.

ps.. pictures will have to come after my trip cause `i will have to transfer my pictures to my computer when `i get back! sorry `;( boo

I'm currently sitting in the office of my friends who are pastry chefs and typing on the computer. I haven't had a cupcake yet, but `i will. ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shakespeare in the Park and Twelfth Night

My roommate Carrie, her husband Eric, my other roommate rosemary and a few other girls went to see Shakespeare in the Park on one rainy day in June. the crazy thing about June this year is it rained almost every day.

You have to sit in line to get tickets. the tickets are free so people get there very early, like around 6am. I didn't get there till 10am and I had no hopes of getting in the line. but the rain had deterred enough people that the line was hardly long at all. there was a man I was sitting next to and he was reading in the paper and found an article that stated the rain had fallen 18 out of the 21 or so days of June. that is just simply crazy for New York.

In the Play Twelfth Night there are a few lines that talk about rain, "and the rain it raineth every day" is one of them. when those lines were said during the performance the whole audience chuckled with laughter.

after the show I waited to meet Anne Hathaway who play Viola the lead. so this is my picture of us both!

Always Harlem Always Real

On 125th street next to the Apollo

Pearl Street in Manhattan

I found this street a few years ago. it is down by wall street in old Manhattan
and since i have a new camera phone I took a picture of it. I kinda love it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Schwarzwald what I have to look forward too

The beginning of my Great Adventure to Germany, Denmark, Prague, and Dubai brings about the beginning of my personal blogging!

picture: taken in the Plaza Hotel, decorative glass ceiling in front
entry of the Plaza, located on the corner of 59th street and 5th Ave.
hello all you good people out there,

I find that today is particularly beautiful for a few different reasons.
1. It rained all day in New York
there is nothing like a rainy day in New York City.
songs have been sung about it, one in particular by Chicago "Just another Rainy Day in New York City."
because of the rain I didn't have to sit in "Maggie's Garden" for my volunteer hours
this was advantageous because I have to get ready for my trip.
2. I leave on My Great Adventure tomorrow. Beginning with Germany, Berlin, Dresden,
Prague, Dubai, Rothenberg ob de Tauber (an old middle ages German town), The Blackforest or Schwarzwald, Denmark, Allborg, Randers, Hjorring, and Copenhagen, and finally back to Berlin. :)
3. I want to find relatives in Germany, so if you wouldn't mind praying that I might be able
to find some of them I would greatly appreciate it.
4. Last I find that I just love my family. that's all!