Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sister Anne

Today is my oldest sister, Anne's, Birthday. Growing up Anne always watched over me and made me feel safe, protected me from anything that might ever harm me. She would lull me to sleep when I was a child by reciting her Bedtime goodbye.

"Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bight if they do bite them back - see you later alligator, in a while crocodile, maybe afternoon raccoon."

Before she went off to college we would drive around the streets of Salt Lake blasting the radio as loud as we could. we loved Debbie Gibson, Chicago (thanks to Frankie), and any other hit 80's songs that played over the radio. Our eternal excuse was our music was too good to keep all for ourselves. Annie Bananie was feisty as a firefly and her hair was as curly as lambs wool. She let me play barber shop on her anytime I wanted.

for my birthday present one year I was gifted all the barbie cloths that Anne could make for me. In my mind that meant a barbie outfit anytime I asked for one. In Anne's mind her gift meant ONE Barbie outfit. ;) she did a good job on the one. Anne's gift made me want to make my own barbie cloths, my single attempt of a two seamed rectangle piece of fabric was no were near as good as her "Peaches and Cream Barbie" evening gown replica. After Anne went off to college she met her Prince Charming. When she came back to visit she would no longer let me blast out the radio as we drove around the streets of Salt Lake, this Prince had forever mellowed my fiery, feisty Anne... but just in neighborhood noise control. When Anne married Edd Prince, my friend Meggan Lorimer, told me she felt like she was loosing a sister. funny I thought, because I was the one really loosing the sister. but I wasn't really loosing anything, instead I was gaining a better family and Anne and her Prince went off and began a life of their own.

If it weren't for Anne Rachael Cutler Prince I would not...
feel comfortable driving today
sleep well at night :) thanks to her sweet lullaby's when I was a child, I never wanted her to leave.
have ever tried bluebell ice cream (officially the best ice cream in the world, and I don't even like ice cream that much)
had curry chicken
held her little children in my arms, and given them hugs and told them that I love them because they belong to my sister. :)
have had someone to turn to when my nightmares got to be to bad.
have had the lectures only a sister can give when I needed them.
basically I am a happier person because of my sister Annie Bananie
she taught me that I will never find happiness in the future if I cannot find happiness in the present.
that is the most valuable lesson Anne has ever taught me.

I love you Annie

Pretty Paradise

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the burj al arab dubai hotel

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The Beating Sun in a Far Away Land

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the clear blue pond outside the souks in Dubai

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At Jumireah Beach in Dubai

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